There is no formal money on the Internet

There is no formal money on the Internet

Pei Qian said, “Smart fitness drying rack.”

Chang You: “Huh?”

What the f*ck was this smart fitness drying rack!

Chang You would have thought that Boss Pei was joking with him if not for Boss Pei’s serious expression.

As for why Pei Qian emphasized that the three departments should work together...

That was because he realized that the more departments he used for a project, the more resources and budget he could use!

It was just like developing Mission and Choice. If it was just a game project or a movie project, he would only be able to spend the money for one department. However, he was able to spend more money than both of his budgets combined if he were to make a game and a movie!

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What’s more, Pei Qian had already discovered that even if he only allowed one department to be in charge of one project, it would not be able to stop them from suddenly joining forces.

If that was the case, the damage would be even greater because Pei Qian had not been on guard. He could not tell when he would be stabbed.

Since that was the case, why not let many departments develop new projects together from the beginning and take the initiative to arrange for them to work together? The entire development process of the project could be monitored in real time. That way, he wouldn’t be stabbed in the back for no reason, right?

Wouldn’t he be three times happier if the three departments spent more than three times the budget on a failed project?

Chang You asked, “Boss Pei, the smart fitness drying rack you mentioned... what exactly is it?”