The people on the Internet told you to make money with him.

The people on the Internet told you to make money with him.

The “Character-loving Camp” that’s satisfied as long as there’s a happy after story.

Also, there are the ones who realized that the thing that they loved is the “plot.” If it can touch their hearts once again, they’re more or less willing to accept the “ups and downs,” …which is the “Plot Camp.”

These two wishes aren’t better than the other. Both sides are important.

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At least, for me, both camps exist in my heart.

Of course, I feel upset when an after story just trashes the effort that the characters have given in the main plot for the sake of a sequel.

Even so, some sequels gave up “telling a story” completely while releasing at full price. These are the ones that think they can satisfy the customers with an unfinished plot plus some new illustrations. If the company is that crappy, I’ll feel something different too.

Anyway, both camps really exist in my heart.

It’s just that if you need to put me, Keita Amano, into one side-

“The fan disc for <Single Love Octet> is basically trash.”

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I, Keita Amano, is cursing the game in the food court of the supermarket as I’m staring at the snow piling up like a smoothie in the car park from the window.

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“Hiya, senpai is giving an unusually bitter review. This is interesting.”

As for the girl that’s sitting in front of me, …Konoha Hoshinomori-san, she shook her iconic double ponytail as she answered me with a somewhat excited expression. Honestly, this is not a useful hobby for her. However, I shouldn’t bring this up since I’m about to go off a brutal rant. Basically, since I’m really into this genre, sometimes I just can’t tolerate the issues with it.

I chugged the newly-released energy drink as I slammed the can onto the table. Then, I continued angrily.

“What the hell. That latest fan disc ‘bent its knees to new challenges’ entirely! No, it’s not even right to call it a fan disc anymore! That’s just a disc to satisfy people’s darkest desires!”

“I’ve never seen you this irritated before, senpai. However, I guess I agree with you, that fan disc is way too unusual…”