What projects can be made online online

What projects can be made online online

Humans might be rational and intelligent creatures, but they were sometimes very blind and short-sighted.

There were many restrictions in reality. These aspects might not be so obvious, but in the online world, especially in the game world, because everything was virtual, the kindness and evil of human nature would be magnified.

Thus, game designers would naturally consider the worst case scenario while competing with gamers.

When designing a rule, he had to first think about how gamers would take advantage of the loopholes and bet on it in advance.

When designing a plot, he had to first think about how gamers would interpret the worst case scenario and think about how to avoid this situation in advance.

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As time went by, it was very difficult for game designers to trust players anymore. Instead, they were inclined to take charge of all the content and decide everything for players like a big boss.

However, was this really the right thing to do?

What fun would it be if players could only play the marionette within the rules drawn by the designer?

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On the other hand, Dawn Games platform had chosen to trust players.

They had believed that gamers would be able to distinguish the immediate benefits and long-term benefits. They believed in gamers’ rationality and wisdom. They believed that most gamers on the platform would give fair and just reviews.

Based on the current situation, Dawn Games platform had paid an extremely heavy price for this ‘trust’. However, just as the video had said, the morning sun nurtured the flowers. Even if the sun quickly dried them and the wind blew them away, this behavior was still meaningful.

The creator of Dawn Games platform had long predicted this. To him, this might be the best situation.

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The gamers should be the ones regretting. The opportunity was originally in their hands, but they did not grasp it.

After watching this video, Yan Qi felt an indescribable sense of disappointment.

It was as if this video was really made by artificial intelligence AEEIS. It stood in the perspective of a third party with an artificial intelligence thinking, judged the entire event fair and objective, and mocked the short-sighted players on the platform from the bottom of its heart.