Will not have risks online

Will not have risks online

“Yes, you’re right. I always come here.”

“Oh, really.”



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The conversation ended…Come to think of it, what can I even talk about with Tendou-senpai? Also, there’s no one in the store aside from us (and Kousei). The staff seems to be busy behind the cashier. There’s nowhere to go to escape this silence.

Tendou-senpai gave me a slightly frustrated smile and quickly tried to end this.

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“W-Well, I’ll be leaving. See you, Konoha-san.”

“Eh? Ah, sure, goodbye, senpai…”

I almost bid farewell with a wave…During this time, someone is fiercely staring at me, which sent shivers down my spine. I quickly tried to confirm, …and I found out Kousei is ordering me with his eyes at the gaps of the shelves.

(Bitch, ask this woman why is she avoiding my brother and Chiaki-senpai.)

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The audacity of this guy…! Although I thought about it, I’m unwilling to admit that I want to know the reason as well…I had to ask.

I quickly called Tendou-senpai.

“Ah, p-please wait, Tendou-senpai!”

“Hmm? Ah, yes, what’s wrong?”

Tendou-senpai stopped leaving and turned back. Her blonde hair is sparkling in the store, …this girl is really straight out of a dating sim…

I can’t help but be shocked at that scene. Then, I managed to say what I wanted.

“Uh, …how should I put it, …well, r-recently, my onee-chan is troubled by something. She feels like…you’re avoiding her…Honestly, is that true?”