Online embroidery

Online embroidery

“A logical and legitimate principle is extremely powerful. …At least, it’s way stronger than vented emotional instincts based on illegitimate reasons.”

…I think I can see where this person’s near-violence “correctness” comes from.

Main-san closed her palms lightly as I’m swept up in the complicated wave of emotions. She concluded.

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“…It’s easy for a powerless person to destroy his/her own happiness when he/she does something for someone’s sake. So, I’m going to use my own powers for the things that I truly value only- and gather the happiness together bit by bit.”

“…You’re such a selfish person.”

“Yeah, I think so too.”

Main-san smiled at me. …I can’t help but reply to her with a smile as well.

So, Main-san stood up from the bench after explaining everything.

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“So, you, being a cowardly and kind gaming otaku, if there’s something really important to you that you don’t want to lend away…”

Main-san looked at me as I hastily grabbed her paper bag’s luggage. She told me that shallow…yet sincere suggestion with a solemn face.

“Go rob it. Don’t back down.”

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“Alright, it’s time to go, Amako. …It should already be here.”

“Hmm? Here?”

I have no idea what Main-san is talking about. However, she walked away without explaining anything. So, I can only stand up quickly and chase behind her.

At that time-

(Eh? Why did I feel like I just saw a seaweed-like head in the bookstore…?)

But, I think I saw that over the bookshelves. I didn’t know the face, so I’m not sure. However, I guess it’s not weird to see her if we’re in the same mall. However…