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"Class A? Hmm, I've already heard all their birthdays though".

Even so, she doesn't seem to know the birthday of the girl that would be taking place the day after tomorrow.

"If it's a 1st year girl I thought I'd know though, I can't think of anyone". If even Kushida's overwhelming social network could not place a name to that person it probably means the person receiving the gift would have to be from a different school year.

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If that is the case, even Kushida won't know and we were unable to get the answer we were looking for.

"Does that mean the chances of it being a senior student are high?".

Ike threw up his arms helplessly with that statement and fell on his back.

"Is there something wrong with that person born on the 29th?" Kushida asked Ike. And in response to her simple question, Ike replied to her in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Listen to this~. You know the baldie from Class A Katsuragi right?".

"Yep. Katsuragi-kun is the one who's responsible for organizing everyone in his class so he's quite famous. In the test earlier I was in the same group as him" Kushida replied.

"The thing is, that baldie's going to be giving someone a birthday present on the 29th. For a baldie that's not too shabby".

After hearing Ike repeat the keyword 'baldie' many times over, Kushida gave him a warning to be careful---

"Katsuragi-kun suffered from a sickness when he was little leaving him with complete hair loss. You better not tease him" Kushida warned.

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Having been scolded by Kushida like that, Ike who was elated just a while ago quickly backed down and went silent. Indeed, we were too excited to notice that the lack of hair, aside from being a fashion statement, could only have been a result of sickness.

The act of mocking the sick is a shameful one, and Ike himself should have realized this. Just playing it up for cheap laughs because it was an easy point to mock seems to have backfired and lowered his likability.

"Right? From now on, let's call him properly by his name ok?".

"O-of course, sorry Kikyo-chan. I made you feel uncomfortable".