Online chat customers to make money

Online chat customers to make money

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The situation with the cold-faced lady had changed ever since that inexplicable blunder last week.

Last week, Meng Chang had arranged for some investors to inspect the cold-faced lady’s store. In the end, he had no idea what happened but the kitchen was in a bad state and left a very bad impression on the investors. The investment that he had been so confident about getting had also failed.

Of course, these investors would not completely look down on the cold-faced lady just because of the mishap. However, once their expectations were discounted, the investment conditions would naturally become stricter.

Meng Chang could not accept these harsh conditions at all, so both sides entered a stalemate once again.

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Both parties looked evenly matched on the surface, but the pressure was all on Meng Chang.

Investors had the money in their hands so it didn’t matter how long they wanted to wait. However, Meng Chang was burning money every second!

He had been spending more money previously. He had booked the entire venue for a conference and organized various marketing activities. The cold-faced lady had to make it to hot searches every now and then, and was becoming more famous.

However, all of these were sustained by burning money.

The cold-faced lady’s true form would be revealed once the money was gone.

What’s more, Meng Chang could not slow down his burning of money. Once the popularity dropped, investors would become even more suspicious of the cold-faced lady’s true situation.

Thus, Meng Chang had to continue looking for money. Otherwise, the cold-faced lady’s capital chain would become very dangerous.

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After much thought, he could only look for Boss Pei.

Meng Chang could feel that most of the investors’ attitudes were already very relaxed. He would definitely be able to get more money from the other investors and continue playing the game as long as Boss Pei gave him another sum of money to sustain the Cold-Faced Lady for a while longer.

However, Boss Pei had only given him six million yuan, not even half a month ago.

Meng Chang was a little worried that he would burn money too quickly and make Boss Pei unhappy.

Therefore, Meng Chang decided to personally make a trip to Jingzhou after making sufficient preparations to persuade Boss Pei.

He had already carefully prepared his powerpoint. At the same time, he had also worked hard to turn the statistics of the two stores profitable.

For example, he could use a longer period of depreciation for the various assets of the shop to push the capital expenditure further away, or, he could use word play to remove some of the marketing expenses from the capital expenditure. That way, the cold-faced lady would look very healthy and profitable on the powerpoint with very good prospects.

The Cold Faced Lady was impeccable in all aspects coupled with current brand reputation, cognition, trending figures, etc.