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After saying that, I took out my phone and showed her the records of my deposits and withdrawals. It clearly stated that exactly 100,000 points had just been transferred to my account.

“Ehh? It was just a game, you don’t have to worry about it so much~”

Kushida, surprised by my unexpected statement, showed the palms of her hands and refused to accept it.

(TN: Kinda hard to think of what to put here, it says 両手をパーにして, which describes her hands as showing paper in a game of rock paper scissors, so I guess showing the palms of her hands was best?)

“To be honest, I thought so too at first. That’s exactly what I tried to think, but I couldn’t help but feel that it was a devious way of thinking. There was a possibility you’d say you didn’t want it, and I thought that if I just kept my mouth shut, you wouldn’t find out. It’s because I’m ashamed of own way of thinking that I decided that I have to give it to you.”


No matter how I tried to reason with her, it would be difficult for Kushida to accept the points.

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“To be honest with you…I want you to take them, as a sign of good faith.”

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“Good faith…?”

“I’m giving you half of the private points I receive to buy safety from you, Kushida. As long as I show good faith regarding this, I’m thinking you’ll to do the same with me.” Am I wrong? I asked with my eyes. “It never hurts to have more private points, even if only a little. Isn’t that right?”

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“That’s true, but wouldn’t that put you in a considerably painful situation, Ayanokouji-kun?”

“I don’t mind. It’s nothing compared to getting in trouble with you, Kushida.”

“Somehow…the opposite is a little scary.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know, Ayanokouji-kun, I keep hearing that you’re some amazing student. Are you really giving me half of your private points just because you want to have a truce with me?”

“The way I see it, it’s more dangerous to make an enemy of you, whose personal life comes into play, than a student like Sakayanagi or Ryuuen, who we have to fight in special exams.”

Although she was somewhat wary, Kushida nodded her head as if satisfied.

“All right. Then you’re really okay with this?”

“Of course.”