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It was not that Pei Qian was acting humble. The main problem was that he could not come up with things like themes for worlds. He could not even lay down hard and fast requirements for the design details for the game. He would wait for the design manuscript to be handed to him. Then, he would make some edits to ensure that there would be no problem.

Ma Yiqun listened very closely. After being put in charge of rewriting plot designs for the games, this was his first time being involved in the research and development process of a game from scratch. What’s more, it sounded like Pei Qian had high standards for the game this time. Everything sounded extremely challenging

He could not let Boss Pei down!

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The general direction had been laid down, and Boss Pei had clarified his requests. Everyone began to leave the meeting room. Suddenly, Pei Qian asked Ma Yiqun to remain behind. Ma Yiqun could not help but feel excited.

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Boss Pei is asking me to remain behind. Clearly, he wants to explain to me more about the plot!

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That’s great! Ever since I joined Tengda, I have been working hard at inferring and understanding Boss Pei’s hidden intentions. To be able to discuss these things face-to-face with Boss Pei would guarantee deep learning points.

How would Boss Pei design Repent and be Saved’s world theme? Any hint would be greatly appreciated…

Ma Yiqun could not help but overthink.

Looking at Ma Yiqun, Pei Qian smiled and said, “From tomorrow onward, you will no longer be a member of Tengda Games.”

Ma Yiqun was stunned.

What’s this? Have I not been doing my job well? Am I being asked to leave?

That can’t be. Lu Mingliang and the other colleagues have given me very good feedback. Where have I gone wrong? Why is Boss Pei upset with me? Did I do a bad job of writing the plots? Is Boss Pei disappointed? Impossible -weren’t the players’ reactions pretty good?

Pei Qian smiled and continued speaking. “I want to give you a more important task. Tengda is going to start a website for webnovels. I know that writing webnovels has always been your dream and hobby. That’s why I want you to be in charge of this website.”

Ma Yiqun was even more shocked. His eyes widened as he became even more confused.

Bliss had come too suddenly! Ma Yiqun had no idea how to react! He had initially thought that he was being fired. Beads of cold sweat had formed on his forehead. Now, everything was clarified. He was not being fired. He was being transferred somewhere else.

From working with games, he was going to be working with online literature!

A realization dawned on Ma Yiqun. He never expected that… he would be able to work with online literature once again.

All along, he had thought that he was naturally gifted in writing. He had come from a family of scholars. As a result, he was well-nurtured and had a good, strong foundation in language. In university, he began to try his hand at writing. He also gained a significant following of fans who loved reading his work.

Ma Yiqun loved interacting with his readers. He also deeply enjoyed the feeling of others liking and validating his work.