What is the full name of a social platform?

What is the full name of a social platform?

I wasn’t too keen on Sadiz’ proposal.

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The day to release the lock for the sealed room in the mansion comes only once a year.

Father’s sword is sealed there. It’s a sword handed down from a myth, a sword of legend.

“Oh, it’s no use getting any weird ideas. Even if you think you’ll become stronger by taking the sword, the master is the only one who can pull the sword out of the pedestal anyway.”

“I- I know!.”

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The sword that I thought I would inherit someday.

However, for me who was fed up with the title of ‘The son of the Hero’, it was a delicate matter when asked whether my mood would improve.

So it was.... until I met ‘him’.

[S1] Taking more liberties here! She constantly refers to Earth as 坊ちゃま (Bochaman) which means “Male Junior”. Considering her personality it should be a more playful and teasing manner of calling him so I opted for “Little Man” and occasionally Lil’ Earth. “Young man” sounded more authoritative and respectful and that’s not what she’s about.

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[S2] Her name is actually pronounced “Sadisu”. 3 guesses why! Any I went with Sadiz, also considered “Sadith”.

Translated by: Sads07

Both my parents were commoners.