Method for making money from online games

Method for making money from online games

“Yeah, yeah! Ay, on the other hand, I’m deeply resonating when there are 5-star ratings for a famous game. Also, I feel good when I give a 1-star rating to a trash game too!”

At the same time, I nodded vigorously at what she said.

“Yes, yes! Sometimes, when I’m playing a truly crappy game, although I’ll feel it’s way too harsh for a 1-star, I feel saved at the same time. For example, …ah, luckily, I wasn’t the only person that feels that kind of annoyance and anxiety!”

“Agreed! Also, I like those ratings that list out the bad points while saying, “5-star, because I’m super impressed!” It’s really reassuring to read them!”

“I get it! Even though some ratings lack fairness, I still feel like there’s no problem with that! However, by all means, it’s just based on personal preferences.”


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At this moment, the two otakus are finally willing to pause the exciting conversation.

I’m drinking the soda that I didn’t see at home (which tastes just the same) as I looked around.

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The quiet rest area on the 3rd floor. A simple space with 4 vending machines, a trash can, and two sets of double seats.

However, it seems that no tourists are renting the rooms on this floor today. It’s tranquil. Aside from that, there’s a bit of distance between the rest area and the stairs, so Otobuki students wouldn’t come. I guess this is an excellent place to kill time. But…


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Even so, due to the incident just then, I fear that Kaburagi-san’s group with come and look for us. So, I’m a bit worried.

I guess Chiaki wanted to draw my attention, so she tried to speak sarcastically to irritate me.

“You’re poor, unlike me, who got in the same group as Tendou-san.”