Can I make money on the mountain water painting auction?

Can I make money on the mountain water painting auction?

However, there were times when he would go around his promises made and stab others in an unexpected direction.

Therefore, Meng Chang decided to be cautious and remain vigilant even though he had obtained the commitment from Boss Pei.

Meng Chang immediately found Yu Yao and handed the new publicity plan to him after returning to the advertising and marketing department.

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“Throw all the publicity funds we received this month onto Zhongdian Chinese Network’s inspiration class.”

“This is the publicity material.”

“The publicity method is mainly based on local push and web-based advertisements. You can decide on the specific ratio. In short, you can buy the advertisement space as long as they meet the requirements.”

“I’ll send you the original document later.”

Meng Chang handed the printed poster to Yu Yao as he spoke.

Yu Yao held the paper in his hand and hesitated visibly.

Meng Chang could not help but smile knowingly.

Didn’t it look unreliable?

That would be exactly right!

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I spent so much effort to make it look unreliable. It would be a huge blow to me if you think it’s reliable!

The so-called “publicity material” was actually just a simple picture. There was no video or other information. What’s more, this picture was ugly.

Such a large-scale advertisement would definitely cause netizens to feel disgusted, right?

Yu Yao’s attitude towards this publicity plan was obviously different from the previous publicity plans judging from his expression.