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She was sure from that time... from before then... it was natural for her to always be with the boy.

The future stayed the same for a long time.

Not once had Phianse even doubted that this future was a definite matter.

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“...... Earth at that time...... he was innocent and mischievous...”

After waking up from a nostalgic and happy dream, Phianse rose out of bed feeling refreshed.

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Nearly ten years have passed since then.

They no longer got together every day like they did when they were young, but she still believed that their bond has not changed.

“Come to think of it, we’ve been doing it a little since then... Fu’s talent, Rebal’s physical ability.... Everyone is young, but gradually they begin to show a glimpse of talent... Me and Earth... we have something... I started to think so and I got impatient. Little by little, I had less time to play.”

But, on the other hand, Phianse knows that he is not as accessible as he used to be.

She understood that it is inevitable in the process of growth, but it still felt a little lonely.

“Especially... Earth, the leader of our neo-heroes, too... Little by little... started to hold the complex with the name of The Great Hero, Hiro.... I made an effort to change the color of my eyes, but the expectations of the people around me were still heavy and I began to get frustrated.... I began to demean myself... Hmm, when we entered the academy, when he called me ‘Princess’, I almost cried?”

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Phianse looked out at the garden as she walked up to the window she once jumped out of.

Until ten years ago, everyone was there with Earth at the top.

But no one had gathered there for years.

“...... But.... soon. Rebal and Fu are back. Earth has started to change a little recently, and he declared he will win the championship.... yes. It’s okay. When we graduate, we’ll all be real warriors. Become Imperial Knights and once again, the neo-heroes will align!”

The childhood friends were gradually becoming estranged, but Phianse believed.

We will surely get together like we used to, and more respectable.

At that time, as real warriors, we will be able to continue to protect this empire and the peace of the world.