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Today, …we only kept on fighting through the impregnable level silently until Chiaki has to go home.

“Ugh, by the way, I’m really unwilling to admit defeat. …We still didn’t finish it after all this time…”

Chiaki fell onto the bench deflatedly after we arrived at the nearest station.

“It can’t be helped.” I exhaled some white fumes and smiled bitterly.

“It’s because that level ultimately emphasizes skill instead of teamwork. It’s hard for ‘follow-up’ players like us to get through it.”

“Ughhh, …but Keita, didn’t you finish it a year ago?”

“Kousei did it.”

“Uwah, this older brother is useless.”

“Shut up.”

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I kicked Chiaki and got her to give up some space on the bench. Then, I sat next to her.

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It’s already past 6pm. When I stare at the sky, the clean air of the winter is adorned with beautifully sparkling stars. It’s literally like…the night when she confessed to me.

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Chiaki stared at the starry sky next to me as well and mumbled.

“…This feels unbelievable.”


“…That night, when I confessed and rejected by you.”