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“It’s not the spot itself that matters. But where it is located”

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There were no spots close to the water well or the river. On the contrary, there were two spots prepared connected to the cave, a cabin and a tower. In other words, it was a great place to use as headquarters. Horikita seemed to show a certain level of understanding while I was explaining it.

“But what is the advantage that you’ve got in the cave, when you don’t have the key-card?”

“Well, I intended to explore various things, but it turned out that I find out the true identity of the leader”

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“Katsuragi was so careless that he made you realise that he is the leader”

That’s not the case, not really.

“There was a guy called Yahiko, right? The guy who always follows Katsuragi. That guy was the leader. I saw Katsuragi and Yahiko close to the cave but I didn’t see them clearly in that moment to confirm that they were indeed the ones that occupied it. I was sure they were occupying the cave after they left.”

I will explain the situation of that time again. The moment I saw them, Katsuragi, was standing at the entrance, carrying the key-card. Yahiko, who came out of the cave, joined him and they left together.

“So, by looking at this sight, wouldn’t be natural to mistake Katsuragi as the leader?”

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“Really? Do you think that a leader would show the key-card in such a careless way, in public?”

Because Horikita was the leader, I could understand how foolish she was and that she wouldn’t be able to carry out that role.

“But why?… Why bother to have the card in his hand?”

“Because he had to do so. Katsuragi is a calm, composed and extremely cautious man as far as I examined. There is no reason he didn’t understand the high risk of occupying such a spot as soon as they found it. In other words, the one who occupied it was the one who was caught in the act of immediate greed.”

“That… Requires the presence of another person”

“So it seems. When he found the cave, Katsuragi, didn’t intend to occupy it, but he kept it all to himself, which may have been due to the fact that Yahiko had taken possession of it beforehand by a mistake. He was thinking that nobody was watching, yet, he insured himself just in case. By standing around holding the key-card in his hands, he thought that he could mislead any possible witnesses that he was the leader”

“A class had two spots except for their base, but I didn’t know exactly how many spots they occupied in the end of the test. If I just guessed their leader, all their points could be invalidated”