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“What was that? …Eh, Amanocchi, please just forget your racist views towards Loverbears for a second.”

“I can’t. Those guys will never be my friends, no matter what happens.”

Just as I’m pissed off, Aguri-san quietly provided an additional piece of information to me.

“…Even if a lot of people believed the limited version of Loverbears will make the couples that bought it stay together forever?”

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“Aguri-san, why are you still drinking lemon tea! We have to go and buy the Master Loverbears now! Hey, let’s go!”

The go-with-the-flow boy that immediately stood up and urged the gal.

Aguri-san is staring at me with a unique half dumbfounded, half respected look.

“Amanocchi, although you’re genuinely a little peasant, you’ve reached a refreshing level…”

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“I’ve never heard such subtle praise before.”

“It’s okay, I’m not just praising you. Sigh, just sit down first.”

I sat back down unwillingly after Aguri-san advised me.

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“So, Amanocchi, even though I don’t think I need to ask now, …you wanted the limited Loverbears, right?”

“I want it, even if it meant sacrificing your communication skills to the devil.”

“Don’t just sacrifice me on your own, alright? However, while I say that, I want to get it even if it meant sacrificing your hair growth.”

“Can you stop sacrificing my future as well?”