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Online can make money in unlimited order

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Even more people are posting ‘I used this before; this product is very handy and I strongly recommend!’?

Hu Xiao was flummoxed.

Were the fake reviewers still posting?

That didn’t make sense. Fake reviewers were paid to do so and would only post as per instructed and paid; why would they be so passionate about this?

What was going on?

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As Hu Xiao was still confused and couldn’t make sense of this, he clicked on the product review to watch and find out the reason behind this.

On the screen was a sluggish-looking youngster…

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“My name is Sun Aidi; my English name is Aidi Sun. I am a great inventor. This is my latest invention: a hand-held portable washing machine.”

This washing machine appeared in the youngster’s hands and on the screen. This was a bottle-shaped object that had a mini brush head, motor, batteries, and a water container.

“It has a high-efficient motor inside that can activate the brush head to move rapidly while spewing out appropriate amounts of water to target the dirty spots.

“At this time, you only have to prepare a little liquid detergent and dab it on the dirty spots. Using the washing machine to wash these spots continuously, you would have clean clothes anywhere, anytime; you don’t have to worry about dirtying them anymore!

“I intend to apply for a patent for this new invention immediately. This product would soon enter production and would probably have good reviews with its sales exploding, the company getting listed on the stock exchange and becoming a commercial empire, attaining the pinnacle of life!”