making money with bitcoin

making money with bitcoin

Although he had been through many ups and downs, he had managed to incur losses in the end.

Converting wealth from losses one time was far better than doing the same from profits ten times.

After the upgrade, the Loss Conversion Ratio was less favorable. However, the System Funds would continue to increase. If the starting sum increased to twenty or thirty million yuan, he would only have to lose ten million yuan in order to earn one million yuan for his Personal Wealth.

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What’s more, the System was allowing him to have one unannounced product at the end of each cycle. In addition to the five million yuan he could spend on charity, it would be much easier for Pei Qian to incur losses from now on!

Yes, there’s no problem. The future remains bright!

Pei Qian opened TPDb and browsed through the comments on his various businesses.

Thanks to 1024 Digital Day, there were now many more comments on Fish-Catching Take-Out, ROF’s computer-installation business, and Upwind Logistics. At the moment, each of them had an overall rating of about 9.5 and had very few negative comments.

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At the moment, a few of his businesses were generating profits. This included the successful games of Tengda Games and Shang Yang Games, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Ming Yun Private Kitchen, and the like. They had pretty good ratings as well.

This cycle’s situation looked quite serious. However, Pei Qian had a long time to think about his strategy.

He accessed TPDb’s intranet page and scanned through it. It was then that Pei Qian realized his employees had already published posts.

Many companies had their own internal forums where employees could communicate. Tengda was no exception. After handing TPDb over to Ma Yiqun, Pei Qian instructed him to create an internal forum while he was at it.

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Pei Qian scrolled through the internal forum but did not find anything negative about Tengda. This disappointed him greatly. Tengda’s internal forum was quite different from most other companies’.

Most other companies’ internal forums contained a bunch of genuine requests and suggestions for improvement. However, these forums were also under heavy surveillance.