Can I draw a circuit board online?

Can I draw a circuit board online?

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“…… I’m sorry.”


“Actually, I’m just here to deliver some things a girl named Karui’s forgot, along with this child, Amae, on my back…”

“… Ah! That child… from the church… and Karui, surely, wasn’t there a student like that in the freshman class?”

It wouldn’t have been a hassle if I had done this from the beginning. If I had apologized honestly…

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“So ―――― please give me a break. Forgive me.”


Tre’ainar was grinning beside me as if he was testing me.

That’s fine, isn’t it?

“Hey, hey… he’s already… apologizing so much, so please forgive him.”

“B… big brother Mobner… cough… Senior…… humph…… still as jittery and timid as ever, a real softy. Despite that…… I can’t stand it.”

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Then, before I bowed my head, Mobner intervened.

At the sight, the strange woman with a head for swinging a sword clicked her tongue.

Ah, this is the childhood friend who lived next door that he was talking about.

“Hey, I don’t know what happened, but he’s being the adult and really apologizing with his head down… let it go… consider his feelings.”

“Oratski… you’re still the same… man or woman, in the first place, the most important thing in an apology is the heart, isn’t it?”