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It's understandable to want to shout out like that. No matter how you look at it, Kouenji's the picture of health itself.

"No, Sudou-kun!".

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Before Hirata, who was at a distance, could panickedly draw near, Sudou could no longer stand it and raised his fist. He probably intended on punching Kouenji once to open his eyes. However, the man who was beyond expectations and normal standards, Kouenji, caught the powerful punch in the palm of his hand.

'Pan'. And a dry sound like that reverberated within the cottage. Kouenji starts talking without looking at Sudou's face.

"Stop it. Someone like you cannot beat me".

It didn't seem as though Sudou had been holding back on a fellow classmate. It was a fist swung with all his might.

And it had been blocked all too easily. Sudou probably felt Kouenji's high potential anew. But rather than be frightened by it, Sudou appears to have gotten serious.

"Then bring it on. I'll break that pride of yours".

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"Good grief. Both you and her, it sounds like you both want to tell me I'm unreliable".

"Her? Who're you talking about?".

"That Cool Girl that you're so passionate about. She's been emphasizing it quite a bit until today, to make sure I participate seriously in the sports festival".

"Horikita, you mean.....?".

Apparently, Horikita had foreseen the possibility of Kouenji being a no-show from the start. Well, I suppose it's natural to have misgivings about him seeing how he retired straight away back on the uninhabited island.

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Even so, I didn't know she had been working on Kouenji behind my back.

"In any case, leave. I am not feeling well".

"You bastard---!".

To prevent it from happening again, Hirata got in between Sudou and Kouenji and tried to arbitrate.

"I think it's better to calm down a bit. Kouenji-kun's attitude is also a problem but since he's saying he's not feeling well, he should have the right to rest. Besides, no matter who it may be against, violence is bad".

"That's definitely a lie. He said the same thing back on the uninhabited island, didn't he?".