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Sudō had braved his way through a fair number of fights in his time, so it didn’t seem like I’d be able to deceive him, or Horikita as well for that matter.

With my right hand, I took out my cell phone and called Chabashira.

“Something’s happened that I need a bit of help with. Could you quickly come meet me behind the first-year dorms? Alone, of course. Also, please bring a bath towel with you.”

Although Chabashira seemed confused by my sudden call, she managed to sense the urgency of the situation and promised to head over immediately. In the meantime, it was for the best that we stay put and wait for her to arrive.

It would be dangerous if other students saw the state of my hand while we changed locations.

At any rate… even after seeing the aftermath up close, Nanase didn’t seem phased in the slightest.

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Despite the fact that there was a knife pierced through my palm and blood scattered around, she was perfectly calm and composed.

The visually intense, graphic nature of the scene didn’t affect her at all.

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“Could you explain what happened here for us, Nanase?”

“If I don’t, then it seems that Class 1-D will be placed in quite a tough position, so I will.”

“You were aware that the negotiations were going to turn out like this… Is that correct?”

“Correct. The plan was to have Hōsen-kun stab himself in the thigh to get Ayanokōji-senpai expelled.”

She spoke without reserve, explaining their plan in the same polite tone as always.

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“Are you saying that the kindness you’ve shown us was all just part of an act meant to fulfill that goal?”

“No, nothing of the sort, Horikita-senpai. I truly did want to join hands with you and establish a supportive relationship between our two classes. It’s just… targeting Ayanokōji-senpai had been our top priority, that’s all.”

The reason why both Hōsen and Nanase had been so fixated on Class 2-D was simply because I was a member of it.